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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Earlier in the month Susannahbean hosted a $30 Giveaway from Alison-Claire's to her shop: Adventurer Vintage. I am a long-time lurker of Susannah's and Alison-Claire's blog, Wee Adventurer, and of course her shop is full of so many goodies. I entered the giveaway - never expecting to win.

I woke up and checked my email last Saturday and saw that I had won. I squeeled and nearly fell out of bed - I was so excited. I took a look through Alison-Claire's shop, and was instantly drawn to a couple of items. But what to choose....?

When I got home today, I took Snow out for a walk and we stopped by the mailbox. I saw a package and I made a very audible squeel (neighbors looked at me like I was crazy). I grabbed the mail and we ran into the house. It was my package from Alison-Claire! Inside was the clutch and the belt that I chose. Also inside, was an adorable hand-written note and a paper crane (how wonderful is that?!). LOVE!

I was a little nervous about the belt. I'm considered a plus-sized girl, so I was praying that it would be long enough. I just had to have it! I had to adjust the strap a bit, but it fits with plenty of strap to spare. Go me - losing weight and all!

Thanks again to Alison-Claire/Adventurer Vintage for such a wonderful giveaway - and a thanks to Susannahbean for hosting it!  You girls rock!

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