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An Injured Pup

Monday, April 1, 2013

If you follow me on Instagram, Vine or Facebook - you'll have heard about Snow's injury. It was definitely one of the most terrifying moments of my life!

We packed up the car and went to Grandma's late Friday night, and we had a CAR FULL!! Not of stuff - but of animals. Shai joined the typical traveling trio (Snow, Gadget and myself) - and she was NOT happy to have joined us. It's a 2 hour car ride and I was not allowed to talk; any noise I made resulted in cries and screams for help. For anyone that knows me, it's kind of hard for me to go THAT long without speaking - Gadget and my family made fun of me for it too.

It was super late when we arrived, and Gadget turned right around and went all the way home. We had a handyman coming and he had a ton of work to do this weekend. That night, I slept on the couch so as to not disturb my great-uncle in one of the beds upstairs. Snow, knowing we were at grandmas, and knowing that means her dogs Sam and Buster are there, wouldn't calm down and go to sleep - so I had very little sleep that night.

Fast forward to Saturday night, Snow and I went upstairs to bed early to get some shut-eye. At 12:30AM, I woke to a thundering sound that sounded like the house was collapsing. I don't remember getting out of bed. I don't remember running over to the steps. I don't remember anything other than the light coming on and seeing my poor Snow sprawled out between the bottom step and the door at the bottom of the stairs. I yelled and rushed down to him and when he saw me, he started coming back up to me. I had to help him back down the stairs since he was shaking so badly.

When I got him downstairs, I had him walk with me to another room to watch him walk. He was walking funny, but not limping. I took that as a very good sign that he probably hadn't broken anything. I talked to him soothed him and he was wagging his tail - so he was in very good spirits. We started back towards the steps and when we went through the kitchen lights is when I really saw it... and I screamed.

His entire face was covered in blood - blood that was not there when I saw him at the bottom of the steps. His eyes were all bloody and I thought for sure he had sliced his eyes and the first thing I thought was that he was going to lose his sight. I started sobbing and tried to contain myself cause I didn't want to scare him and stress him out more. Thank goodness he was responding to hand motions, so I knew he could still see.

I felt helpless! I couldn't do anything other than clean the blood off of him. My great uncle and uncle helped clean him up and then both went to bed. I wanted to take him to the ER! I don't have a drivers license and I almost took one of the cars... until I realized the ER was 40 minutes away. We finally took him - hours later! (which really infuriated me)

So we went to the living room again. I had him rest on grandmas couch, and I stayed with him. I talked to him and I watched him while he slept. Even Shai, who came out from hiding, sat on the arm of the couch and watched him.

So his diagnosis includes a bunch of tiny tiny cuts around his ankles and probably some bruises; a huge gash above his eye and a split eyelid over the other. They didn't give him stitches, but he will need to go back to a vet to check on the healing of his eyelid. He's shaken and battered, but not broken and I'm so unbelievably happy that he's okay. It could have been so much worse!

We're home now, and even with his cone of shame, he's in really good spirits. It's still incredibly terrifying that I came so close to losing him. It's impossible to miss the damage that's left and I hope it heals nicely so it won't be as noticeable. I don't want people thinking that he's been in fights (he is a pit after all) and I don't want his adorable little face being forever scarred.

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