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2013 Resolutions

Saturday, January 5, 2013

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. I just got back from the cold, snowy mountains of PA with the in-laws, and it's back to the grind of work work work!

I've never been much on making New Years resolutions - I usually go with the typical cliche ones like lose weight, get organized, etc. Those are on my list this year, but they're not the only ones.

13 Resolutions for 2013:

1) Get my license. Get a car!
The only reason this is number one is because this is my first priority, and I hope to have this done by the end of January. I had my license years ago, but it expired when I hit 21... that was over 5 years ago. EEEP! This needs to be remedied ASAP, as we are about to move - and we stay closer to metro because of my lack of car... but the closer to metro you stay, the higher the rent.

2) Draw more! Start weekly drawing or crafting projects. Finish projects!
I sketch all the time - but it's usually silly little animals. I'm so out of practice when it comes to drawing everything else. I need to spend more time sketching and drawing. I also have all of these craft projects that I've started, or want to start - that I just haven't finished. I'll get halfway through something and think of something else I want to do, or want to work on... I need to stay focused and finish stuff. This also means stop buying new craft supplies until I finish projects in the queue.

3) Work on my stories. Write and/or draw for them at least once a week.
I've been so inspired recently to work on the stories in my head - I want to be able to share them one day. Whether it's planning the storyline, or actually writing... I need to get back into writing. I feel so out of practice.

4) Cut back on sugar. Eat heathier. More home cooked meals - try new recipes. More fruits & veggies. Lose inches!
Over the past year, I've cooked more and more home cooked meals, and I was doing a great job of eating healthier and losing inches... but the past few months that kind of slipped by (darn you Holiday goodies), and I need to get back into that flow. I've cut back on soda IMMENSELY, which is great for me. I still have the occassional Coca Cola and Diet Dr Pepper, but I am not one of those people who is going to give up everything I love to lose weight. I'd love to lose weight, but I'm more concerned with inches. I realize that I weigh a LOT more than I look, so I'm taking that into account. I've also been losing inches right under my bust line for the first time in ages, so I'd like to see some inches elsewhere disappear as well.

5) Go outside more. Be more active. Get some color.
This one kinda goes along side nbumber 4, but going outside for me doesn't just mean going out to run. I need to go out, go places, see some things. And stop looking at a computer monitor so much. Take a walk down to Starbucks, sit outside in the sun and draw/write for an hour. That'll also hit #s 2,3, and 12 all in one go!

6) Spend more time with friends in person - less on Facebook.
There are friends that I haven't seen in person in forever. I vow that I will see them this year!

7) Go on more dates with the hubby.
Gadget and I spend a LOT of time together. It's not quality time all the time, it's more of just being in the same house. We need to get back into going out once in a while for dinner and a movie. Like the old days.

8) Keep a better home. Decorate those empty walls! Spend a little time each day cleaning.
I'm not the best house keeper, I will not lie. This needs to be fixed. I need to stop being lazy and clean a little each day - before it turns into a giant mess that is so daunting that I won't touch it. I don't want people to think my house is dirty and disgusting. It's not. It's just a mess. The hubby and I leave craft stuff everywhere. I need to stop being lazy and put my craft stuff AWAY when I'm done with it. I also want to decorate. We move pretty much every year, so there's not a whole lot of decorating going on here really, but I'm tired of my house looking like a college dorm, and I want to own nice things and have my house look nice. I want photos on the wall, plants around the house. And I want to throw crap out that needs to go!

9) Start saving money. Get into couponing!
I use to plan out meals two-three weeks in advanced and buy accordingly. It saved so much time and money. I need to get back to that. I also want to start couponing!!

10) Get organized - in Work, Art & Life.
I need to make a planner and write down and organize everything! If I don't write something down, it's going to get forgotten. I want to plan out my days and get stuff done!!

11) Consolidate computer work. Get less distracted and get more work done in less time.
This goes hand in hand with the previous one really, but I go to the computer to do something, and it might be a couple hours before it even starts getting worked on. I get distracted by Feedly, Pinterest, Facebook, Dribbble, deviantArt, Behance, you name it! No more. I will start dedicating time to these things and then forget about them and do work!

12) Take a break from everything once a week.
Simply that. Normally when I take a break from the computer, I'm crafting, or vice versa. No. I need to grab my shoes, and just get away from the house. Take the dog for a long walk, perhaps?

13) Expand BST. Open design shop. Finish portfolio. Blog more.
Byte Size Treasure was launched just a few months ago, and everything is going great. I have some design stuff to offer, but I'm going to open a small, seperate shop for that. I would like to get that up and running by June. I need to finish my portfolio website. And I vow to start blogging more!!

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