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June Goals

Friday, June 1, 2012

Wow... May (and this year) has flown by - and it's June. So begins my least favorite time of year - mostly just because of the weather. I don't like the heat and the humidity in this area is stifling to the point where my nose will start burning (it reminds me of that pool/chlorine burn). I prefer the cold weather honestly, and I like to just lock myself up in the house and turn the AC way up.

I'm NOT going to do that this year.

Six Goals for the Sixth Month:

1 - Take more walks
I walk quite a bit every day - whether it's running around like a crazy person at work, or all the walking on my way home, and the several walks with Snow in the afternoons. I need to walk more.

2 - Go out somewhere at least once a week
I don't go out nearly enough anymore. After Wednesday's adventure seeing Snow White, I knew that I wanted to get out more and just see stuff. And take pictures.

3 - Get books & DVDs put away in organized manner
Self-explanatory, we have built in shelves that house all the DVDs now, and nowhere to put books. I'm going to move & organize the DVDs better and put the books in their place.

4 - Redesign the layout for the shop & online portfolio
This is already in progress, it just need to be coded. I need to get this stuff up already.

5 - Work Out 4+ Days a week & Eat better
Walking is good and all, but I need to keep doing my workout... and eat better food. I'm also weaning myself off of soda completely. I've been good, and drinking Diets and such... but I'd still have the real deal when there is no Diet. No more.

6 - Do some art/craft commissions
I've recently had a TON of commissions coming down the pipe, and I need to work on those. And try to get some more.

How did I do in May? Overall, meh.

1. Unpack ALL of the boxes in my studio/office [SEMI-FAIL]
I did empty a ton of boxes, but I underestimated the sheer number of boxes full of books.  I threw out 2 bookshelves when we moved, so I have NO place to put them. I did organize the remaining boxes neatly in my closet.

2. Start Photographing outfits for posts [FAIL]
Just... didn't happen. I talked to Gadget and asked him if he would start helping me for June.

3. Fill a sketchbook page every day [PASS]
I made sure I sketched a little something every day.

4. Work out 4+ days a week [PASS]
The first week and a half I didn't do 4 days a week, but I pushed myself. I had a week of muscles pains because of the workout I'm doing, but it's going to be worth it.

5. Avoid the Bermuda Triangle at all Costs [PASS]
This was a complete 100% pass. Horray!

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