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Life: Pieces of Love

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Gadget is away for the weekend, and took the camera with him. I thought I'd post some photos from the past week.

I do love our new place though. We get so much natural light coming in through the house. And there are so many pretty flower bushes and trees outside. When Snow doesn't want to be a poop-face (his nickname) and be difficult on his walks, it's pretty peaceful. Luckily, he's getting much better on his walks.

So I think these are the first photos of Ivy on this blog. I guess I'll explain her history a bit. She's a week older than my Shai, and she use to belong to Gadget's best friend Courtney. Courtney was our other roommate when Gadget and I first moved in together, and shortly after he got Ivy, Gadget got Shai for me. The two kitties grew up together for over a year, until we moved out on our own. Sadly, a year later, Courtney passed away in an accident on Christmas. Ivy stayed in the care of Courtney's roommate at the time, but he wasn't able to keep her indefinitely. In honor of Courtney, Ivy now lives with us.

She's a BIG girl. She just had her 4th birthday - Shai's is later this week... Ivy is DOUBLE Shai's size. And she loves Gadget. Obviously.

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